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National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) has been assigned duties under Section (5) of The Constitution (One Hundred And Second Amendment) Act, 2018 which are as follows:
“(5) It shall be the duty of the Commission—
(a) to investigate and monitor all matters relating to the safeguards provided for the socially and educationally backward classes under this Constitution or under any other law for the time being in force or under any order of the Government and to evaluate the working of such safeguards;
(b) to inquire into specific complaints with respect to the deprivation of rights and safeguards of the socially and educationally backward classes;
(c) to participate and advise on the socio-economic development of the socially and educationally backward classes and to evaluate the progress of their development under the Union and any State;
(d) to present to the President, annually and at such other times as the Commission may deem fit, reports upon the working of those safeguards;
(e) to make in such reports the recommendations as to the measures that should be taken by the Union or any State for the effective implementation of those safeguards and other measures for the protection, welfare and socio-economic development of the socially and educationally backward classes; and
(f) to discharge such other functions in relation to the protection, welfare and development and advancement of the socially and educationally backward classes as the President may, subject to the provisions of any law made by Parliament, by rule specify.
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Hearing/Proceeding by Hon'ble Member (A.T) During 2020-21 Print Back
Sr No. Hearing Date Chaired By Minutes of Proceedings File No.
1 04-03-2021 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .12MB)    PDF NCBC/09/09/323/2019-AT
2 04-03-2021 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .07MB)    PDF NCBC/09/02/145/2020-AT
3 03-02-2021 Hon'ble Member(AT) Minutes(size : .98MB)    PDF NCBC/09/09/323/2019-AT
4 07-10-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .33MB)    PDF NCBC/09/02/116/2020-AT
5 07-10-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .33MB)    PDF NCBC/09/08/285/2020-AT
6 07-10-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .36MB)    PDF NCBC/09/12/57/2019-AT
7 15-12-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .06MB)    PDF NCBC/09/08/285/2020-AT
8 15-12-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .1MB)    PDF NCBC/AT/2020/110
9 15-12-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .05MB)    PDF NCBC/09/12/52/2019-AT
10 15-12-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .07MB)    PDF NCBC/09/06/232/2020-AT
11 15-12-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .05MB)    PDF NCBC/09/12/57/2019-AT
12 15-12-2020 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .06MB)    PDF NCBC/09/02/116/2020-AT
13 06-01-2021 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .08MB)    PDF NCBC/09/09/323/2020-AT
14 07-01-2021 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .07MB)    PDF NCBC/09/07/04/2019-AT
15 07-01-2021 Hon'ble Member(AT) Notice(size : .07MB)    PDF NCBC/09/02/143/2020-AT

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